professional organizing



organizing and de-cluttering
  • any room including: unfinished areas, garage, shed, attic, basement, cabinet and closet
  • paper, filing solutions
  • storage solutions
  • packing (for temporary storage)
  • shredding, disposal, donations


“When my husband died, Joelle provided invaluable assistance. In a kind, thoughtful, and efficient manner, Joelle helped me sort through boxes of paper from his office and helped me systematize files that now let me keep track of my finances and my important documents. In addition, Joelle brought her considerable organizational skills to bear on my basement and many of my closets, now spaces of beauty! I am very grateful to be able to call upon Joelle when I need her.” – Alison


“Joelle turned my ‘mess’ into an organized working space that I just love to be in and get things done. It feels so good to finally complete what I have been wanting to do for a long time. Joelle was just the catalyst I needed to get moving. She had awesome ideas and she is very easy to work with. I highly recommend Joelle to help you get organized and productive.” – Letitia